Accelerated Dance Program


Once a student reaches the age of seven she may be considered for the accelerated ballet program. Through a careful process of evaluating a student for lightness of jump, flexibility, bone structure, muscular development, and dedication the selection is made. This student attends class on a regular basis with students of the same ability andlevel of commitment. The accelerated ballet dancer is eligible to perform in the year end classical ballet production.

By the age of eleven, having trained for several years, the dancer may now be considered for pointe. Class requirements increase and regular attendance is mandatory. An established dress code must be followed.

Each year the accelerated ballet students perform a classical ballet production. We feel it is a valuable experience for a student to have been exposed to the history, the music and the choreography of several classical ballets. Each year as the dancer's ability increases so to the difficulty of her role in the ballet.

At the end of a dancers training she may be eligible to audition for a University Dance Program, a Regional or Professional Dance Company. No matter what career our dancers choose they can rest assured that their years withour school have been filled with many wonderful memories.

The study of ballet can be rigorous and demanding, yet one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. We at the Ravel Dance Studio try to keep our expectations high with a hearty dose of reality to ensure all our dancers remain healthy and happy.

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