Year-End Recitals


Each spring the Ravel Dance Studio hosts a recital in which each dancer is given an opportunity to perform on stage where they showcase their talents. It is a very special day in which our students create lasting memories.

The intermediate and upper level students perform a classical ballet. The Ravel Dance Studio is the only area ballet school to include five ballets in its Repertoire: 1) The Sleeping Beauty, 2) Swan Lake, 3) Cinderella, 4) Coppelia and 5) Giselle. Working on, learning and performing these great classical ballets is a very important aspect in educating a dancer to become fluent in the rules of ballet . . . from the placement of the fingertips to the subtle skill of flexing the elbows just the right amount, to the nuances of timing and accents placed on certain movements . . . all while adding their own subtle individual interpretation of classical ballet as a theatre art.