Ballet I & II


Once a student reaches the age of seven, she may begin to consider a Ballet I class. This class is structured to resemble a true ballet class without giving up the joy a child experiences through creative dance. Dancers are expected to have the hair in a bun. They will don a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Class has now been extended to a full hour. Dancers will learn ballet fundamentals at the ballet barre and will be able to execute steps in centre. The dancer will increaseflexibility, strength and will gain considerable grace and control. The dancer will travel from the corner of the dance studio using larger muscle groups to execute grand steps. The class will culminatea lovely reverence. Throughout the session the knowledgeable ballet teacher will sprinkle the class with the ballet manner. Ballet II is offered to a nine year old student who is able to attend a ballet class twice a week in order to prepare for the challenges of being placed on pointe.

Other Classes Offered: